Digital Archiving

Data DVD
Data DVD’s are designed to use on computers. The files remain separated and can be used in many ways.

Digital Media to Data CD or DVD- $9.95

Digital Media to Jump Drive:

  • 4GB: $5.95 (additional)
  • 8GB: $8.95 (additional)

Data DVD from Prints, Slides and Negatives (Minimum of $9.95)
35mm negatives: $.50 each
35mm Slides:
1-24     $1.50 each
25-99   $.99 each
100+    $.85 each
500+    $.75 each

Prints (8×12 or smaller): $2.25 each
Prints (larger than 8×12): Starting at $19.95

Duplicate CD or DVD- $9.95 each

Digital Photo Capture- $19.95

Slideshow DVD
Slideshow DVD’s are designed for DVD players and can also be used on a computer. The files are merged into one movie file and can not be printed from. Slideshows can include music if asked upon request.

Still Digital Images to Slideshow DVD: Starting at $39.95
Video to Movie DVD: Starting at $39.