Easter Bunny Pictures

Easter Bunny Pictures

Santa Claus is coming to Triple S Camera!


KEH Camera is coming to Triple S


Hey Train Lovers!

Have you seen the train in our window?  Triple S Camera is actually known for having a toy train in their holiday window display each year.   Certain young ones even request to be taken down to Triple S Camera to see it each year.
We receive comments from young and old, telling us how much they love the train.  The truth is, we love it as much as they do. Be sure to come down and check it out.  We try to keep it running during business hours.  If we are open and it’s not on, just ask us to turn it on, and we will be happy to do so.

2015-11-27 16.46.33

Judy Nordeen’s Grandchildren: Luke and Brooke

Downtown Neon

Sometimes at Triple S Camera, we have the opportunity to look through our big windows and people watch. We see people stop dead in their tracks to get a better look at our antique camera collection. Occasionally they are looking up in the air and we wonder, “What are they looking at?’ Then we remember, our awesome old neon sign. At times the smart phone comes out for them to snap a quick shot. Every once in a while, it’s the person who always has their camera with them and they stop to compose the perfect shot. No matter what, we love seeing people enjoy our neon sign.

We were just going through some old store albums and found a few images of the sign being installed in 1987 when we moved to our current location. We thought they would be fun to share along with a few current shots.

May this sign light up downtown Ukiah for many years to come.



Downtown for the Holidays

trolleyDing, Ding! Ding, Ding! It’s the Holiday Trolley! Just one of the wonderful things that makes Downtown Ukiah extra special during the holidays. At Triple S Camera, we love to see and hear the Holiday Trolley pass by. We love watching the smiling faces of the bundled up families taking a ride.

The kids get off and press their cute little noses against our train window. (We apologize to the parents who have to pry their kids away.) The rest of the street also has dressed up windows with festive scenes and twinkling lights.

We anxiously await Santa’s first visit. The kids are already coming in and looking for Santa as they remember coming to see him last year. Explaining that he will be here soon, but for now he is busy making toys, makes their eyes light up.

Don’t miss this special season Downtown. Bring the whole family down to see the dressed up windows, check out the shops, and dine at the restaurants.


Here are a list of events you should mark on your calendar.
Dec. 6th @ 5:30 Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Plaza

Dec. 6th @ 6:00 Truckers Light Parade

Dec. 11th @ 3:00-6:00 Photos With Santa at Triple S Camera

Dec. 13th @11:00-1:00 Photos With Santa at Triple S Camera

Dec. 18th @3:00-6:00 Photos With Santa at Triple S Camera

Dec. 18th @ 6:30 Downtown Holiday Parade of Lights

Dec. 20th @ 11:00-1:00 Photos With Santa at Triple S Camera

Remembering Mary

In Triple S Camera’s third year of business (1952), a young women named Mary, graced us with her presence. She handled the bookkeeping, window decorations, and assisted customers.

Her role with Triple S Camera changed in 1973 when she and Mike Rogers, another long time employee, bought the business. They continued to run the business, adapting to the ever changing world of photography. About thirty years later, Mary started to retire little by little and sold the business in 2010, but she never became a stranger to Triple S Camera.

Mary’s many years in the photography business encouraged her to document her life with pictures. And to actually print them and organize them in albums. These albums were pulled out frequently to share with friends and family. Every Christmas, memories from the albums were carefully selected to make calendars for her family.

Mary would often buzz into Triple S Camera with a big, gorgeous smile on her face. We loved to hear about her most recent trip and of course to see her pictures. But now there is a void with the Triple S family. Mary suddenly passed away on April 21st, while enjoying and trimming her rose garden.

She is missed.

mary collage


What is a green screen?

That is an excellent question. You may have noticed that we offer the use of a green screen in our custom session. But what does that really mean?
Green or blue screens have been used for years. They are regularly used in film making and weather reporting. Triple S Camera uses a green screen to offer a large selection of extra backgrounds than what we can physically fit in our studio. Even outdoor backgrounds. So your picture is taken with a green background, then using special software, we change to different backgrounds.There is a catch to using the green screen. Your clothing. If you wear green, when we change the background, your clothing will adopt the background as well. Uh Oh!
Here is an example:




Unless you are looking to disappear in the background, hopefully green isn’t your favorite color to wear.