Digital Archiving

Data DVD
Data DVD’s are designed to use on computers. The files remain separated and can be used in many ways.

Data DVD from Prints, Slides and Negatives
35mm negatives: $.50 each
35mm Slides:
1-24     $1.50 each
25-99   $.99 each
100+    $.85 each
500+    $.75 each

Negatives and slides other than 35mm: $2.25
Prints (8×12 or smaller): $2.25 each
Prints (larger than 8×12): Starting at $14.95

Slideshow DVD
Slideshow DVD’s are designed for DVD players and can also be used on a computer. The files are merged into one movie file and can not be printed from. Slideshows can include music if provided.

Still Digital Images to Slideshow DVD: Starting at $39.95
Video to Slideshow DVD: Starting at $39.