Our Staff


Assisting you since 1993. Owner since 2010. Ready to assist you with custom framing, portraits and camera sales. Currently suffering from ADOS (Attention Deficit ..Ohhh Shiny) Come in to see how many sparkles she has on today.


Assisting you since 1985. You might not see our Lab Manager, Chris, very often.  She is behind the scenes printing your memories in the photo lab. You might see her if we are having a super busy moment out front. Otherwise she is taking care of your custom printing, restorations and Photoshop needs.


Assisting you since 2018. Monica is always here to greet you with a smile. Born into the technology age, she is ready to help you with your digital products. Monica is our amazing Bilingual Liaison and check our Facebook page to see her great work as our Social Media Director




Assisting you since 1968. (That's right – 1968) Previous owner (1973-2010) Technically retired, but old habits die hard. Mike is in for visits -almost daily, working a few shifts here and there. Our go-to guy in all things photographic.