Portrait Tips – Part 7: Chances are…

Rounding out our Portrait DO’s and DON’Ts, are just a couple of extra things that might make things easier and result in great family portraits.
Chances are… your child will fall down the morning of picture day. If a small lump or scratch is making you want to postpone your appointment, give us a call first.  Chances are… we can touch out the scratch and you won’t have to rearrange your schedule for another day.
Chances are… you are self conscious about wrinkles, age spots, less than perfect teeth, or something similar. We understand, we feel the same way.  When you make your appointment, let us know what you are worried about and we can set your mind at ease. Touch ups are available for a small fee.

Portrait Tips – Part 6: DO’s and DON’Ts (Dress and Grooming)

Did you know there are calendars published made of family portraits gone wrong.  The question – What were they thinking? comes to mind when you look at the images.  Now that probably wouldn’t happen to you but here are a few things that you might not think about when scheduling your family portrait.  Following these simple tips might keep you from saying “What was I  thinking?”

-Do wear complimentary clothing for groups.
-Don’t be exactly matching.
     Use similar shades of one color, throw in one or two patterns but don’t stress about everyone having the exact same color shirt.
-Do wear colors that make you feel good.
-Don’t wear restrictive clothing that limits poses.
     You know how you feel better about yourself the day you where your favorite shirt?  That comes across in pictures.  If you are self conscious about what you are wearing the camera will pick that up.  Feel good and you will look good.
-Do shave or trim facial hair.
-Don’t get a hair cut/style/color the day before pictures.
     Not following this rule is a recipe for disaster. Enough said!
-Do pay attention to details such as chipped nail polish and matching socks.
-Don’t wear clothes with decals or logos that will quickly date your photographs.
-Do use accessories such as scarves, necklaces, and earrings.
    Sometimes the little things matter.
We hope this helps you while planning your family portraits.

Portrait Tips – Part 5: Simplicity

Generally, kids (and sometimes grown-ups) don’t like long sessions or multiple outfit changes. Keep it simple and joyful by not cramming too much into one session. Bringing a friend or relative who won’t be in the photos to help you get your child’s attention and natural smiles can be very helpful.
However, too many people in the background calling your child’s name in different directions can be very distracting. We may have to limit how many people are in the studio by rotating your helpers.
Stay tuned for our next tip: Do’s and Don’ts (Grooming and Clothing)

Portrait Tips – Part 4: Bribery

We have seen it all. Snacks, activities, money. Bribing kids to take pictures is very common. However, unless you want the bribe to show in the pictures, try not to show your child the bribe until pictures are over. If they see it, they want it… NOW! And if they don’t get it, they can be more upset than when pictures started.
We have seen great success when you bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal that they are allowed to take pictures with. Or better yet, surprise them with a new toy while in the studio. Let us capture their face when they first see it.
On the other hand, if your child isn’t cooperating perfectly, please try to not take prizes away during the photo shoot. That is, unless you want pictures of your child crying.

Portrait Tips – Part 3: What page are you on?

Be on the same page as your photographer. Our photographers WANT you to be happy with your final product. But believe it or not, they can’t read your mind. It is best to talk to your photographer, ask questions and get involved. If you have ideas – lay them out up front. It may be too late if you wait until the end. If you have an example of something you would like to include, they would love to see it. We welcome you to bring your own props, blankets, or toys to personalize your portrait. If you don’t like a pose they are suggesting, don’t be afraid to let them know. They won’t be insulted. They understand that everyone is different, and what works for one person won’t work for others. Feel free to come in early or before the day of your session to talk with your photographer. After all, two heads are better than one.

Portrait Tips – Part 2: Relax

Feeling your blood pressure rise? Your family can feel it too. Make family portraits a good memory by letting go of the stress. This starts before your session. Try this…

*Pick out clothes and make sure they are clean and wrinkle free before picture day.
*Plan to arrive early so you aren’t stressed if you get stuck at every light on the way in.
*Laugh off the things that aren’t going perfectly. The picture with your child making a funny face might end up being your favorite. Capture your family the way it really is, rather than forcing the perfect family photo.
*If the tension is creeping back up… take a deep breath.

Relax…Breathe…Smile (naturally)

Portrait Tips – Part 1: Happy = Better

Nap time? Meal time? Happy time?
Good questions to answer before scheduling your portrait session.
(And this doesn’t always apply to kids.)
Well rested, full belly, happy subjects = better photographs.
If your child is napping longer than usual, don’t wake them up to get to your session on time. Just give us a call and we will try our best to push your session back a little. How would you feel if someone woke you up and then wanted you to perform on demand. Also, remember that children won’t be themselves when sick. Please reschedule your portrait session if someone is sick.
Stay tuned for more tips for successful portraits.