Portrait Tips – Part 6: DO’s and DON’Ts (Dress and Grooming)

Did you know there are calendars published made of family portraits gone wrong.  The question – What were they thinking? comes to mind when you look at the images.  Now that probably wouldn’t happen to you but here are a few things that you might not think about when scheduling your family portrait.  Following these simple tips might keep you from saying “What was I  thinking?”

-Do wear complimentary clothing for groups.
-Don’t be exactly matching.
     Use similar shades of one color, throw in one or two patterns but don’t stress about everyone having the exact same color shirt.
-Do wear colors that make you feel good.
-Don’t wear restrictive clothing that limits poses.
     You know how you feel better about yourself the day you where your favorite shirt?  That comes across in pictures.  If you are self conscious about what you are wearing the camera will pick that up.  Feel good and you will look good.
-Do shave or trim facial hair.
-Don’t get a hair cut/style/color the day before pictures.
     Not following this rule is a recipe for disaster. Enough said!
-Do pay attention to details such as chipped nail polish and matching socks.
-Don’t wear clothes with decals or logos that will quickly date your photographs.
-Do use accessories such as scarves, necklaces, and earrings.
    Sometimes the little things matter.
We hope this helps you while planning your family portraits.

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